Privacy & Policies

Eosonde Research Services (ERS), LLC

Privacy Policies
Email addresses are protected by ERS, and are only used for customer support and product notifications. In the event you wish to update or delete an email address in our possession at any time for any reason, please contact to make those changes. In order to help ensure customer privacy, we discourage the use of emails containing payment transaction information.
Web Site Policies
We do not enable cookies and keep no logs of site visitors.
Purchase Policies
When you order RAOB products from ERS, we collect your name, mailing address, contact information (which can include a phone number and/or email address), and information necessary for payment (either a credit card number or checking account number). Other forms of anonymous payment such as cash, money order, bank wire, or cashier's check are also acceptable. Our use of this information is limited to processing payments and shipping products. This information is neither made available to any third parties nor combined with any other information at our disposal. As with any other personal information you have given us, any subpoena or attempts by law enforcement to gain access to this information will be challenged. In the event that you want to view, update, or delete this information, please contact Otherwise, your shipping and contact information is kept on file in case you choose to order any more products, but will not be used in any other way.
Shipping Policies
Most orders are processed within 24-48 hours, unless otherwise specified. Shipping costs are specifically listed on the ordering info page, while charges for bulk orders are pre-coordinated before purchase.
Refund Policies
Like other software companies, ERS does not provide refunds for software products. We do offer potential customers the use of the RAOB Demo program (which can easily be downloaded) to test before purchase.