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Eosonde Research Services (previously Environmental Research Services) [ERS] has been the world leader in multi-functional, totally integrated sounding analysis programs since 1994. Development of the RAOB program is driven by accurate analyses through quality processing. Every step of program development considers the "user-friendly" interface of program functionality and every program enhancement is in response to a customer need. Customer support is also a high priority as each request for assistance is given the necessary attention to ensure customer satisfaction.

John Shewchuk

John with his weather observing equipment.


John Shewchuk is the creator of the RAOB program. He is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM), who was board certified by the American Meteorological Society in 1993.  He retired a LtCol from the USAF Weather Service after 22 years of global weather operations, and a life-long student of meteorology.

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