Basic Program
This main program is prerequisite for all other modules.
RAOB Lite Program
An introductory version of the RAOB Basic program.
Analytic Module
A must for severe and aviation weather. Contains Batch command options.
Interactive & Hodo Module
Advanced click and drag graphics screens with 3-D Hodogram.
Standard Soundingram Module
Allows detailed comparisons with one to four soundings and parameters.
Advanced Soundingram Module
Allows 3-panel displays, profile differences, and Batch & Timer functions.
High-Altitude Module
Process data above 100 mb up to 0.1 mb. A must for ozone and high-level analyses.
Special Data Decoders Module
Plot and analyze dozens of types of sounding data formats.
Radiometer Data Decoders Module
Decode microwave profiler data including liquid-water & vapor-density.
Advanced Radiometer Data Decoders Module
Also processes the following special scalar data items.
Binary Data Decoders Module
Process BUFR, GRIB, and netCDF data files.
Sodar/Lidar/Radar Data Decoders Module
Process wind profiler sounding data.
Aerosol Data Decoders Module
Process 1 to 3 parameters per profile.
Doppler (Lidar) Decoder/Display Module
Process PPI/VAD, RHI and DBS files.
Standard Encoders Module
Encoder: RAOB, CSV, WMO, and BUFKIT.
Binary Encoders Module
Encoder: netCDF and BUFR format.
Standard Vertical Cross-section Module
Plot up to 100 soundings and choose from 47 analytic parameters.
Advanced Vertical Cross-Section Module
Plot up to 3,000 soundings & display with full color gradient options.
Real-Time Display Module
Automatically detects new data and updates cross-section diagrams.
Turbulence & Mountain-wave Module
Detects thermodynamic and orographic waves and turbulence.
Fronts and Forecast Module
Automates single-station-analysis techniques and much more.
Standard Merge Module
Automates the manually intensive activity needed to average two or more soundings.
Advanced Merge Module
Automatically merges entire multi-sounding files into composite time-series files.
Advanced Export Module
Exports sounding data, parameters, and layer data.