RAOB Data Types

Data types and formats that RAOB can process.

Basic Program

BUFKIT Forecast Soundings
Display hourly sequential soundings used by the popular BUFKIT program, including the ability to merge SREF Member data groups. See capability to download/FTP up to 5,000 BUFKIT files at one time.
RAOB CSV format
This is a highly versatile, spreadsheet-style format with multiple data format options and allows over 10,000 data levels per sounding. Options exist to include ozone, cloud data, vertical motion, and other sounding parameters.
RAOB RAW format
Originating from the popular RAOB DOS program, this text-based format only allows one sounding per datafile, but it also allows up to 10,000 data levels. Similar to the CSV Format above, any sounding data can be converted into this format.
SHARP Modified Data
Data files created by the popular SHARP (Skew-T and Hodograph) program.
University of Wyoming (UWYO) data
A very popular web-based source of sounding data.
WMO Coded Data
TTAA, TTBB, PPBB, TTCC, TTDD, and PPDD. (Including 21212 & 51515 data groups) Including Mobile SHIP, LAND MOBILE stations, and Dropsonde (hurricane) soundings. Dropsonde Data is provided by the National Hurricane Center’s "hurricane hunter" planes.

Special Data Decoders module

See entire listing of data types and formats.

Binary Decoders module


Radiometrics Decoder module

Microwave data

Sodar/Lidar Decoder module