Standard Merge Module


This module automates the manually intensive activity needed to average two or more soundings into a single composite sounding. Not only does RAOB automate the merge processes, but RAOB also ensures that the resulting sounding is hydrostatically balanced and that the surface elevation is properly determined when input soundings contain varying elevations. The Standard Merge module provides the user with three merging functions.

1. Merge menu option. Using RAOB's main menu bar, just select the "Merge" option to display the "Create a single composite sounding from many soundings" option (as seen in the image below). You will then be able to select up to 3,000 soundings to be merged into a composite sounding. Once merged, the user will be presented with a "Supplemental Data Editor" which permits adjustments to the soundings elevation, coordinates, and an informational text box for annotation purposes. Options also exist for a Spaghetti plot of source soundings, and a Standard Deviation Bar plot for statistical purposes. There is also an option to view Standard Deviation values. Note that there is a second merge option called "Create a time-series file containing many merged soundings" which is available with the optional Advanced Merge module utility.

Merge Menu

2. Merge 2 Soundings. The Merge 2 Soundings function can be automated by using timer or batch processing options. This merge function is accessed through RAOB's "Batch & Timer Processing" option, as listed under the "File" menu option. However, this merge process is specially designed to only merge the last sounding found in 2 different multi-sounding files. It will merge the Pressure & Temperature data from one sounding file and the Height & Wind data from the other sounding file. This is especially useful for merging one type of sounding that only has Temperature data and the other type of sounding that only has Wind data. For those who need to automate the merging of all the soundings within multi-sounding files, the optional Advanced Merge module is available.

3. Merge Vaisala "Sounding" and "Ozone" files.  This option automatically merges Vaisala Ozone profiles with corresponding Vaisala Sounding profiles.  This merge function is accessed via RAOB's main sounding diagram's Merge Menu options.

A video tutorial is available for this module.