Technical Support

Eosonde Research Services (ERS) provides free and unlimited "general" technical support to customers of the RAOB program. Support is available 7 days a week (unless otherwise indicated). ERS also provides "custom" support for the RAOB program, such as special purpose data decode and output modules. Costs for customized support vary depending on module functionality.

Each RAOB configuration and options panel now has both a "Help" and "Video" button. For a list of all RAOB Video Tutorials, see this Video List.

RAOB Customers get a free upgrade to the next program version, which is normally released on an annual basis. New versions, enhancements, and discount offers are announced to customers via the monthly RAOB Newsletters.

For technical support regarding problems, always please provide these 4 items...

1. RAOB serial number (found under the Help menu's "About RAOB").
2. Sample of the data causing the problem (attach file to your email).
3. The RAOB "error message" or screen image of the problem.
4. Your Windows' Region/Language setting.

Only submit one (1) problem per email. Send other problems on separate emails.


John D. Shewchuk, CCM
Eosonde Research Services, LLC
7791 SE 168th Lone Oak Loop
The Villages, FL 32162

Phone: 570-491-4689
Fax: 570-491-2049

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