RAOB 6.8 Enhancements

RAOB 6.7 Enhancements

RAOB 6.6 Enhancements

RAOB 6.5 Enhancements

RAOB 6.4 Enhancements

RAOB 6.3 Enhancements

RAOB 6.2 Enhancements

RAOB Integrated Cloud and Precipitation System
RICAPS: Improved precipitation and cloud analyses.
Custom View Screen
Independently configure up to 20 panels on one screen.
Parameter Metric
An indicator of your sounding's total severe weather potential.
PBL Mixing Height
RAOB can identify the PBL’s Mixing Height.
Severe Weather Table
Tailor 48 key atmospheric parameters to local specifications.
Fog Index Table
Individually configure a sounding's key parameters and indices.
Example Diagrams
Examples of key program displays and diagrams.
RAOB Data Types
Overview of many different types of data RAOB can process.
Data Sources
Partial list of sounding data sources.
Displays & Parameters
A complete list of significant program capabilities.