RAOB: User Manual


The RAOB User's Guide and Technical Manual contains over 200 pages of program examples and technical information printed on standard 8.5" x 11" paper bound in a 3-ring binder. The Manual is only distributed in paper copy. While the RAOB Program's Help files provide basic program guidance and information, the printed manual provides detailed information on program indices, equations, data parameter explanations, screen-shots of key program displays, extensive discussions on algorithm applications, and a complete list of references. Except for the common meteorological & atmospheric equations, the theory and concepts behind all program functions are described, including a complete listing of all source documents used to create the RAOB program.

Note that this manual is frequently used by legal offices, insurance agencies, and research institutions to confirm the validity and accuracy of algorithms and methods used by the RAOB Program. Only the small amount of propriety content is not published in detail, such as the mountain-wave turbulence analyses; but the representative results of these analyses can easily be validated through independent ground-truth upper-air analyses and observations.

The 3-ring binder allows users to easily insert page changes or to add local materials as needed. Below are some single page examples from the RAOB User Manual.

* First of many pages describing the details and algorithms of program indices.

* Example of a dual-column custom data display with Hodograph image.

* Discussion of the Fire-Weather & Air-Quality screen display.

* Example of some unique Soundingram display capabilities and options.

* Section on Fog Layer analyses and display options.

* Example of how to configure Meteogram plots on Cross-Section diagrams.

* Introduction to the optional Fronts & Forecast module.

* Introduction to the optional Mountain-Wave & Turbulence module.

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