Support & Accessibility

Technical Support
Eosonde Research Services (ERS) provides free and unlimited "general" technical support to customers of the RAOB program. Please always provide these 4 items when requesting technical support:
1. A description of the problem, or a screen image of the problem.
2. A copy of the sounding data that causes the problem.  The data must be sent as an attachment to your email.
3. Your RAOB serial number; found in Help/About RAOB.
4. Your Windows' Region/Language setting, if not using English (United States).
User Manual
The RAOB User Manual is a complete how-to guide on the program's numerous capabilities.
Video Tutorials
Watch tutorials on the program's various modules.
System Requirements
Computer system requirements for the RAOB program.
FAQs - Common questions and problems.
Common FAQs and Government FAQs.
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Program Upgrades & Discounts
Including special Student / Education / Veteran discounts.
The RAOB program is compliant with Section 508 EIT Vendor requirements as defined in Subpart-B: Technical Standards (p:1194.21) for software applications.  For more information see the VPAT "Accessibility Conformance Report" details.