The following questions are often asked by certain government agencies when purchasing the RAOB program. These questions and answers are listed below. Note that all answers apply to the RAOB 5.6 program and all follow-on versions. If any of the below issues prevent customer acquisition, Eosonde Research Services can modify the program code to meet any requirements necessary.

Describe the purpose of this software. How does it work?
The RAOB Program processes weather data. Specifically, it decodes and analyses rawinsonde and sounding data.
What external connections are needed to operate the program?
None. RAOB is primarily designed as a stand-alone application. RAOB can retrieve sounding data from a network, if the host computer is configured for such operation. RAOB can also retrieve sounding data from an Internet URL, but the host computer must have Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) installed and Internet connectivity.
Is this software freeware/shareware and is the source code unavailable? Is the software public domain and is it only available in binary format (no source code)?
RAOB is not freeware or shareware – it is a commercial product. RAOB is written in Microsoft’s Visual Basic 6 (VB6) code and is only distributed in its executable binary form.
If there were problems with the software would the owner make repairs on behalf of the Government?
Yes. RAOB support is known for its dedicated customer support and its ability to provide rapid response for new applications. Software repairs are often ready for download within hours of notification, while some new decoders and algorithms can be implemented and ready for download within a few days, depending on project complexity.
Does the software use mobile code (Javascript, ActiveX, etc.)?
RAOB does not use “mobile code” software.
What method is used by the software to protect data it processes/stores?
RAOB protects data by maintaining it within the same PC/network environment established by the user. Data is never encrypted and is always retained in its original state. Processed data is either stored or printed in accordance with user specified formats and within the user’s PC/network environment.
Does the software communicate across the network? If yes, list the ports/protocols used?
RAOB does not perform two-way communications across the network, it only receives data. It can receive data via three methods:
1. Network connections. RAOB can access sounding data from a computer network, but only if the user computer is “mapped” to the network drive of interest. This is a local configuration management decision which is accomplished outside the RAOB program.
2. Internet connections. RAOB has the ability to manually or automatically connect to an Internet URL for sounding data download purposes. These functions are only activated or programmed by the user. Connection to the Internet is only accomplished if the host computer contains the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) program, otherwise Internet connection is not possible.
3. Internet connections. RAOB has the ability to FTP data and display images.  FTP functions are only activated or programmed by the user.
If the software communicates over the network, does it encrypt the connection?
RAOB does not communicate over a network. It does not perform two-way communication. RAOB does not encrypt data, because it only receives weather sounding data. RAOB does not transmit or encrypt data.
If applicable, are the software’s cryptographic modules NIST FIPS 140-2 validated?
Not applicable -- RAOB is not a cryptographic program.
Is this an IA or IA enabled product? (An IA product’s primary purpose is to provide security services. An IA enabled product provides security services as an associated feature of its intended operating capabilities.)