RAOB Reader

RAOB Reader is the new demonstration program.

The RAOB Reader program only reads and plots "Raob Sounding Format" (.rsf) files. Many example RSF files are included with the RAOB Reader installation. All registered RAOB Programs (beginning with RAOB 6.6) can also process any RSF sounding files.

The RAOB Reader program permits much more functionality than the old Demo program, and even allows creation of Cross-Section and Time-Height diagrams.

Creation of RSF sounding files are currently only available upon request to ERS. Any sounding files that a registered RAOB program can decode and process can be converted to the RSF format.  Any multi-sounding datafile can also converted, except binary data files.

While RSF sounding files can be read on any RAOB Reader program, locally generated Cross-Section and Time-Height diagrams can only be displayed on the computer that they were created on.

Download the RAOB Reader program