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Special discounts are available for Students / Institutions / Veterans.

  StormChaser Student Forecaster Researcher Operational Doppler Complete
Basic Program
Analytic Module
Hodo / Interactive Module  
Fronts & Forecast Module      
Std. Soundingram Module    
Adv. Soundingram Module      
Std. Cross-Section Module    
Adv. Cross-Section Module      
Turbulence & Wave Module      
High-Altitude Module      
Special Decoders Module  
Binary Decoders Module      
Std. Radiometer Decoder      
Adv. Radiometer Decoder        
Sodar/Lidar Decoders      
Doppler Decoders/Display          
Aerosol Decoders          
Real-Time Processor          
Standard Encoders Module        
Binary Encoders Module          
Advanced Export Module        
Standard Merge Module        
Advanced Merge Module            
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RAOB Manuals

add to cart RAOB User Manual
(full color)
$40 Delivered in a full color 3-ringed binder. A free backup CD will be included with new RAOB Program purchases.
add to cart RAOB Backup CD* (for RAOB 6.3+ users only) $15 * Note that each new RAOB Program purchase comes with a free downloadable installation file.

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